Not Enough Coffee in the World

The cacophony erupted earlier than usual this morning. The cat was the first thing to greet me as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. By “greet me,” I mean he immediately twined around my legs, almost caused me to fall flat on my face and then looked as me as if I needed to be more careful.

My son – actually, I’m not quite too sure what he had going on, only that it was noisy and that he trailed after me while growing progressively louder. I finally turned, gave him a bleary eyed stare and asked, “Has Mommy had her coffee yet?”

He gave me a blank look and said, “No.”

“Do you think it’s a good idea to start all of this before I’ve had my coffee?”

Understanding flashed in his eyes. “No!”

“Such a good child. I’ll see you in a few minutes, after I’ve become human again.”

I’m still working on that. While last night was a great one as far as productivity (I’m more than halfway done in NaNoWriMo! 18,000 words to go! Yay!), it also meant that I was up later than usual. By the time I was ready for bed, I heard a little squeak followed by, “Mommy? I think I’m going to be sick.” Things were dodgy for a bit and at the end of it all, he asked if I would sit on his bad and talk. These little requests often make me think of my dad and his stories about growing up without a mother (my paternal grandmother died when Dad was two years old). I sat down and listened to him babble for awhile before eventually falling asleep.

He was bouncing at my bedside two hours later, ready to start the day.

I’m going to need more coffee.


  1. I’m sure the cat is pleased by your referring to it as “the cat” as opposed to “my cat”.
    I understand they are sensitive to that kind of thing.
    And sounds like your son will grow up to be quite a gentleman!

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